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ZeigSkin’s Age-Defying Amber LED Therapy lamp takes advantage of frequencies considered gentle to the skin, allowing broad usage by all skin types colors. The light flushes out waste from your skin, increases cellular growth, and boosts lymphatic flow while having a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Paired with ZeigSkin’s serums, we take advantage of the gentleness of the Amber frequencies of the light spectrum, as compared to red light therapy, while enjoying the benefits usually associated with the harsher frequencies of the Red light spectrum, including increased collagen and elastin production. Our Age-defying program takes advantage of flushing waste from the skin and anti-inflammatory properties to provide a foundation to accelerate the natural cellular regeneration processes. This is particularly helpful for reducing blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, fading scars, and sunspots while improving the skin’s health and overall skin tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend 5-12 days consecutive sessions of 10 minutes and one follow up session every 3-6 months

We do not recommend using any other products while using our Lamp Therapy Program. The formulations included with the treatment was designed specifically to enhance the results of ZeigSkin's LED Treatment.

We recommend to apply an PSF of at least 50 before going out into the sun as studies have show sun exposure can damage the skin.

The ZeigSkin lamp was design to bring the power of the MedSpa in to your home. Our age-defying program is design for maximum sessions at ten minutes exposure under the lamp.