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ZeigSkin’s Age-Defying Amber LED Therapy Lamp takes advantage of frequencies considered gentle to the skin, allowing broad usage by all skin types colors. The light flushes out waste from your skin, increases cellular growth, and boosts lymphatic flow while having a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Paired with ZeigSkin’s serums, we take advantage of the gentleness of the Amber frequencies of the light spectrum, as compared to red light therapy, while enjoying the benefits usually associated with the harsher frequencies of the Red light spectrum, including increased collagen and elastin production. Our Age-defying program takes advantage of flushing waste from the skin and anti-inflammatory properties to provide a foundation to accelerate the natural cellular regeneration processes. This is particularly helpful for reducing blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, fading scars, and sunspots while improving the skin’s health and overall skin tone.

ZeigSkin’s Differentiator

ZeigSkin's technology stands out primarily due to its specialized approach to LED light therapy. Here’s why our technology offers superior benefits compared to our primary competitors, which uses multi-wavelength technology:


1.         Focused Light Energy: ZeigSkin LED Lamps are designed to emit a tight spread of light frequencies. This concentrated approach ensures that the light energy is more intense and targeted, which is crucial for stimulating the cellular regeneration cycle effectively. In contrast, devices with multiple frequencies (colors) dilute the intensity of each wavelength, potentially reducing the overall effectiveness in triggering cellular responses at their maximum potential.

2.         Optimized Joules Delivery: The tight frequency spread in ZeigSkin LED lamps allows for optimal delivery of joules (a measure of energy). High joule output is essential for achieving the desired therapeutic effects on the skin, such as improved collagen production, reduced inflammation, and faster healing. Multi-wavelength devices often compromise on the energy delivered per wavelength, which can lessen the overall impact.

3.         Efficiency and Effectiveness: By focusing on specific wavelengths that are most beneficial for skin rejuvenation, ZeigSkin LED lamps ensure that every joule of energy is used efficiently to produce significant results. This specificity not only enhances effectiveness but also shortens treatment times compared to multi-wavelength technologies that need longer sessions to potentially deliver comparable results.

4.         Clinical Support and Innovation: ZeigSkin invests in continuous research and development, supported by clinical studies, to advance the technology further and ensure that the lamps meet the latest scientific standards. This ongoing innovation keeps ZeigSkin at the forefront of the LED therapy market, offering cutting-edge solutions to users.

Overall, ZeigSkin LED lamps are engineered to maximize the therapeutic benefits of LED light therapy, making them a superior choice for users looking to enhance their skin’s health and appearance effectively and efficiently.

Technical Limitations of Broad-Spectrum LED Technology

When LED technology does not focus on a specific frequency range, it dilutes the total amount of energy (joules) delivered during treatment. Optimal therapeutic results from LED therapy are achieved by precisely targeting a narrow band of light frequencies. Fine-tuning to a specific peak, such as 650nm as depicted in the left chart below, ensures maximum energy efficiency and effectiveness in stimulating skin cells and promoting regeneration.

Conversely, the technology used by our primary competitor, as represented in the right chart, emits a broad range of light from 550nm to 800nm. While marketed as targeting four distinct frequencies, the reality is that it produces a wide band of light. This approach is less effective than it appears because it scatters the energy across a broader spectrum, which reduces the intensity and effectiveness of each frequency. Essentially, this method provides little more improvement than what one would expect from using a full-spectrum LED light, lacking the precision needed for maximum cellular response and regeneration.


A diagram of a cone depicting 650 nm wave length


A graph of multi-frequency wavelengths

By focusing on a single, well-defined frequency, ZeigSkin LED lamps ensure that all emitted energy is concentrated and effectively utilized, avoiding the inefficiencies of broader spectrum technologies and delivering superior results in skin health and rejuvenation. Furthermore, the ZeigSkin method employs a gentler frequency during LED therapy. This is because our serums activate the same beneficial properties that red frequency LED treatments are known for, but without exposing the skin to the harsher frequencies typical of conventional red lamp therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend 5-12 days consecutive sessions of 10 minutes and one follow up session every 3-6 months

We do not recommend using any other products while using our Lamp Therapy Program. The formulations included with the treatment was designed specifically to enhance the results of ZeigSkin's LED Treatment.

We recommend to apply an PSF of at least 50 before going out into the sun as studies have show sun exposure can damage the skin.

The ZeigSkin lamp was design to bring the power of the MedSpa in to your home. Our age-defying program is design for maximum sessions at ten minutes exposure under the lamp.